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Company Introduction

Energy is one of the most powerful forms in the world. Through out history, energy has played a huge role in human civilization. But since source of energy are limited while the human demand on energy usage is increasing from time to time, an energy service company is established in order to manage and give solutions to restore the energy usage while trying to meet human growing demands.

An energy service company (acronym: ESCO or ESCo) is a commercial business providing a broad range of comprehensive energy solutions including designs and implementation of energy savings projects, energy conservation, energy infrastructure outsourcing, power generation and energy supply, and risk management. (Source

Here in Indonesia, we are rich in natural resources and energy, there for we need ESCO to help maintain while trying to meet the growing demands of the society of Indonesia in specific and the world in general.

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PT. NES is an energy serving company with a vision to create a Perfect Balance. Since 1979, PT. NES has been one of the outstanding companies in Indonesia with continual growth in service and upgrades in products. During its initial years, PT. NES had set their eyes on excellence and a mission to expand their business into PT. NES today and yet the sky is the limit. There are more to reach and PT. NES is not showing any sign of stopping, keep upgrading and creating innovation in energy based industry; this has made PT. NES one of the biggest ESCO in Indonesia.  


A Perfect Balance comes from a Balance Development. Human are continually trying to develop technology to solve global problems caused by human civilization without considering the side effect of their acts. PT. NES take a step from another perspective, that human, technology, and nature are One Unity, united in one harmonic existence. Such a challenge to create such harmony has been a motivation for PT. NES to keep striving for perfection. A great challenge with possible solutions. One small step at a time creates a perfect harmony.


PT. NES dedicates itself to be a ‘Total Solution Provider’ with a prime quality and products’ competency as well as service excellence. For this dedication for quality, PT. NES have been trusted to handle both private projects and governmental industries. Since PT. NES is a sole believer of a harmony between human, technology and nature, PT. NES are committed to choose an eco-friendly and international standard products to create an efficient energy usage and reducing the damage towards the environment, this way, a harmony is created and achieved.

Besides energy industry, PT. NES also provide consultation service, industrial chemical material provision, engineering, procurement, construction (EPC) and maintenance services.
To maintain our services quality, we are working hand in hand with Indonesian Government, through MIGAS (a constitution supervise and controlling gas & oil regulations), LEMIGAS (Department of research focusing in gas & oil activities), EPA (Department of Environment) and other automotive industries. These departments have been our partner in creating a synergy for a better Indonesia.