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Our Subsidiary Companies

PT. Arah Environmental Indonesia in corporate with PT. JASAMEDIVEST as one of the licensed company in medical waste management especially for hospitals and other health service providers, provides a hygiene and safe medical waste management in Indonesia. With highly trained and skilled human resource, PT. Arah Environmental Indonesia are innovating and puts safety as our priority.

PT. Arah Environmental Indonesia line of service:
1. Medical Waste Management Training
Medical waste are sensitive and need a special treatment to dispose, that’s why training is required to make sure it’s sterile and well proceed. We train staffs from Hospitals, Clinics, Laboratories, and other health service providers to make sure a proper handling through basic training, in person and through visual media.

2. E-Manifest Tracking
E-Manifest Tracking is our signature service, E-Manifest Tracking enables clients to access the latest and reliable information on level of medical waste produce in monthly based.

3. Integrated Waste Tracking System
Integrated Waste Tracking System begins with survey to specify client’s needs and to set schedule for our waste transportation from every client. We distribute information periodically to our clients to make sure they fully understand how waste management that we do, as part of our responsibility toward clients.

PT. Sinar Jernih Sarana is an intergrated facilities management provider in Indonesia, and also a member of Green Building Indonesia Council. PT. Sinar Jernih Sarana established in 2009 and has been growing ever since, with branch offices in Medan, Jogja, Solo, Semarang, and Bandung, serving many private and commercial areas, from high-end apartment and houses to airport and malls.

PT. Sinar Jernih Sarana in affiliation with Sinar Jernih International Group which spreads from Malaysia, Bangladesh, UEA, and Srilanka to create a well established service in providing an integrated facilities management. This affiliation is a strong support for PT. Sinar Jernih Sarana to earn and maintain the trust of our loyal customers.  

PT. Sinar Jernih Sarana has been expanded do to market demand that we add an outsource man power service into our company portfolio. PT. Sinar Jernih Sarana provides well trained and skilled man power combine with experienced management creates a synergy in creating a friendly working environment that can boost your business growth.

PT. Sinar Jernih Sarana philosophy is to offer a consistent tool to create a domestic hygiene in a cost effective manner without hassling the client activities but to boost their performance and meets their needs. As our core business, our priority is to gain recognition as well as critics to help us grow and thrive to be the best in providing an integrated facilities management in Indonesia by innovating and improving our technology and also upgrading our man power.

PT. Sinar Jernih Sarana line of services:
1.  Facilities Engineering Management
2.  Housekeeping
3.  Hygiene Care
4.  Outsource Man Power
5.  Landscape and Ground Maintenance
6.  Waste Management
7.  Parking Management
8.  Pest Control System
9.  Security Services
10. Linen and Laundry