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Vanadium/Corrosion Inhibitors: Protea M-series
February 23, 2012 at 12:09 pm

Vanadium/Corrosion Inhibitors: Protea M-series

The products in the Protea M-series are used to reduce and solve problems with high and low temperature corrosion on heat transferring surfaces. The products are based on a Magnesium compound, designed to be highly reactivity and with a small particulate size distribution during combustion (large active surface).

Protea M-series have in several tests proved its excellent performance in preventing from fouling and corrosion on surfaces in both boilers and gas turbines. By keeping tubes and surfaces clean during longer periods will the power generating units be in operation during prolonged periods and at higher loads/output.

In Gas Turbine applications will the power degradation be reduced which will prolong operation between wash cycles which result in higher power production and less maintenance costs.

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